Well, that does it. This blog ends before it’s even begun. It turns out that _why was right when he said to me, “Chuck, the only reason any of this is worth doing is for the sake of beauty.” I tried to trudge along, first telling myself that I was just making a living and didn’t really care that much. Then people (bloggers, mainly) kept telling me I was supposed to care, so I convinced myself that I was “contributing” – to society, or to a community, whatever. But now I realize that’s just painting a ship that’s in the process of sinking. Or maybe a bike-shed. You see, these people don’t care about beauty. They only care about logic and evidence, things that have very little at all to do with beauty. They look upon _why’s works and remark on how beautiful they are, then in the next breath tell you that it’s totally, completely wrong the way he did it and you should never ever ever do that ever.

I told myself this wasn’t going to be yet another blog full of passive-aggressive rants like my old one. But today I realized that passive-aggressiveness is the only aggressiveness worth the energy, precisely because it’s the aggressiveness least likely to get you beat up. And yak-shaving is an aggressive act. If you don’t believe me, ask the yak.

That’s why I’m leaving. So long, all. I’m off to disappear deep into Appalachia and become a moonshiner, just like _why did.

Oh shit, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that about _why. Er, I mean, I TOTALLY MADE THAT UP ABOUT _why. DON’T GO THERE LOOKING FOR HIM.