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So, here I go taking another stab at blogging about things related to my professional work. Wish me luck.

Software developers are supposed to blog. It’s really important for them to. Some software development blogger told me so, on their blog. Supposedly it looks good to prospective employers. That’s fine but I’m not interested in doing things merely for keeping up appearances.

I have a bit of a tortured relationship with jobs. Not with work, but with jobs, that is to say, with being an employee, having a boss, and having my fate, and control over key aspects of how, where, and when I do my work, in the hands of others. Maybe I will articulate some of my feelings on the generally expected/accepted ways for people to work, and where they tend to fall down for me (and for increasingly more professionals in modern times, particularly in tech and the creative professions) on this site sometime. But not right now.

Instead I am beginning this site for the purposes of pursuing a positive approach rather than a critical one. I hope to create for myself a work situation that is consistent with my inclinations and principles. I am increasingly convinced with time, experience, and reflection, that this means freelancing.

If blogging is important for programmers, it’s doubly important for freelance ones, as a form of self-promotion. It’s where you communicate how you view the work of software development and the values and practices that you apply to it. People with whom your words resonate positively are good potential clients and collaborators. So if you’re freelancing, honesty is more of an asset. It helps you attract work you will enjoy and find meaning in. Whereas, if you operate as an employee, I have sometimes found honesty a liability.

Please read The About Page. It’s about me, and it’s what I’m about. If you’d like to work with me, I’d like to work with you. Let’s make nice things.

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